Does Mailman work at all?

Does anyone actually use Mailman on DreamHost?

My list has been set up for months, but we were subscribing new members and haven’t used it much. I have successfully sent a message and received the subscriber list in the past.

Recently, all email sent to Mailman seems to go to /dev/null. My requests for the subscriber list go unanswered. A posting I sent on Monday at 6:30pm still has not been sent out.

This isn’t a usable solution.

1 - Is there some Mailman problem happening right now that will be resolved? (I haven’t found any evidence of that on dreamhoststatus or this list)

2 - What are other people using as a mail list solution?

[Mailman is otherwise ideal for me, since I’m using Community Builder under Joomla and it will auto-subscribe my new members.]

Any clues or tips appreciated.


We used it with great success (low volume list)


Did you ever get this resolved? It could be that a spool got “stuck” or something else on the mailman server(s) needed attention.

If your mails did not eventually clear, I’d certainly contact support about this issue, as mailman has worked fine for me in the past and is an important part of DH’s offerings.

Seeing that no one else has reported trouble, or responded to your post, it is likely that support may need to look at your account/mailman situation.

As for other alternatives, they are many “out there”, but none that are so well integrated with DH’s monitoring of their spam policy, and this is a huge consideration. It is also important that DH excludes their mailman generated mailings from your users’ outgoing mail quota limits (other solutions would not have that “feature”), so IMHO it definitely makes it worthwhile to try to troubleshoot your mailman problems rather than opting for another solution, if at all possible.


Thanks very much for the feedback. I definitely would prefer to stick with Mailman if it is relatively reliable.

Today both the messages I sent this week appeared in the approval queue as expected. The datestamps implied they’d been there all along, but I had checked the queue several times over the course of the week, so maybe the spool was “stuck” as you suggest.

At any rate, I should soon see if it’s truly working (the archive now shows the message, along with some older ones that were also not being shown earlier this week, but I still haven’t actually received it).

I guess next time I’ll ping support immediately, on the assumption that it’s just my specific queue that is experiencing problems.

Thanks again!