Does https encription prevent my site from cmg?

i have a wordpress site at, but its not coming through.
I had changed the server path. Now im not sure if the https Let’s Encrypt certificate is suffering from that and the page is not connected right.

What can i check to find out ?


It’s working for me, but there’s nothing in the directory other than the DreamHost Quickstart file.

Hey Scott,
thx for checking. I matched the paths between hosting setup and FTP for and the folder seems correct, it has the WP files in it. I recognized that the old path is being re-created with the default files nw 2nd time after i deleted the previous dir before.

No sure why the hosting panel shows the correct new path, while the system keeps re-creating the new path. Does it have something to do with SSL maybe ?

SSL might be part of it. To create the SSL Certificate, DreamHost creates a .well-known folder in your hosting folder so Let’s Encrypt can verify your site. The process most likely re-creates the parent directory as it sees fit.

That being the case, can’t you put your WordPress files in the directory DreamHost is serving your site from?

k. Any idea how to fix ?

Submit a Support request. It looks like some automated process is getting in the way.