Does Exodus suck?

Happy DreamHost Guys:

My ISP says that Exodus has a bad reputation for maintaining their internal network. Is this true? Have you had good experience with them in the past?

Twice in the past week, I (and all my clients) have been unable to access my sites because of a problem inside Exodus. The first time, which lasted about 45 minutes, the guy at my ISP told me that Exodus was having 13% packet loss and all the times on the last 7 hops of my tracert were above 200 ms. Today, during the downtime that was announced, I could not even tracert to

Are you guys at DreamHost happy with Exodus? Are you giving them hell?

–David B.

Exodus is getting appropriate hell…but it’s not like somebody spilled coffee on a router. DDoS’ are hard to deal with no matter who you are.

We’ve been relatively happy. The support and NOC staff have been great. The network, while better than some, is not as good as others.

We’re moving out of our non-Exodus datacenter Saturday night into a carrier-neutral place where pretty much all major providers have a presence in LA. We’ll be able to switch network providers pretty much on a whim.

Depending on their performance, we will, of course, consider everything when deciding to renew our contract with Exodus.