Does Dreamhost Support Push E-mail?

Does Dreamhost Support Push E-mail? If so, how do I turn it on?

The best it has is IMAP Idle, which the wiki says is broken. I haven’t tried.


I just tested it and it’s working for me. I’m using Apple’s, and following these instructions, it’s definitely working:

Timing this a second time, there was about a 5 minute delay before it showed up. My mail client is not set to automatically check for mail; it’s in Manual mode. So I’m not sure why it takes so long.


I’ve tried this, and it seems to be really inconsistent. I sent a test e-mail from another account, and it was delivered immediately. However, no messages after that were delivered.

Maybe that’s the definition of “broken.” Sometimes works, sometimes not. Don’t count on it. The status blog doesn’t seem to have any entries on this issue, so I have no idea what the plan is. How about submitting a support ticket and let us know what they say?


Yeah, my bad. I misread your first reply.

Just to let you know that IMAP-IDLE feature has been suggested on the DH Panel and you can vote for it to get it fully implemented: