Does dreamhost support phpmailer?

Hi Does Dreamhost support PHPMailer?
I have a problem with phpmailer. I wrote a script by example on wiki but I don’t know what is the path for class.phpmailer.php. The first line of the example is:

require("(location of files)/class.phpmailer.php")

Can anybody tell me what is the “location of files” on dreamhost’s linux server? thanks all


You’ve got to upload a copy of the phpmailer class file to your own site. It’s free at the phpmailer website.
Put it wherever you want on your site and include it in your script to use it.

I don’t know whether or not it will work on DreamHost though, because it depends on how their servers are configured (whether or not mail will get out!)

I’m interested in seeing the answer as well.

PHPMailer is a PHP class.

If you google for PHPMailer, you will find a lot of links that you can download a free copy of the class.

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