Does Dreamhost perform backups or not?

My site went off-line yesterday with a bad_confd error. A while later it was back up but all of my files were gone.

Thinking no big deal, Dreamhost promised to perform backups hourly/daily/weekly (the main reason I signed up with them) so I fired off an email to support asking my stuff be restored.

The response?


I’m afraid that there are no files for in our backups.
I went two weeks back and didn’t find any files for on
the server. Unfortunately, you will need to upload whatever files you
have for to clear this situation up.

Feel free to contact us if there are more questions.

Uh, so were they just kiddin’ with me with this?

I have a backup of my site, but its very old, I wasn’t terribly diligent with maintaining backups because I had gigs and gigs of stuff that I wasn’t going to tie up my home connection for days on end downloading.

I’m faily new to Dreamhost so I’d like to know if this is standard operating procedure for these people?

So sorry. You on Harpo Hosed yesterday? Else no official reports of data losses problems, maybe was unofficial network file server problem. You look in /home/luser/.snapshot, find nothing?

I see some snapshot go miss, but never all. So sorry you bad luck.

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The automatic .snapshot backups are actually available for you yourself to restore. In your home directory there is a hidden directory called .snapshot, in there you will find the backups. Note, that this directory will not show in any directory listing or FTP client, but it is there and you can CD to it.

More information about the automatic backups can be found in the wiki article linked below;

It sounds like support has already had a look in the .snapshot directory for you and (for whatever reason) your data wasn’t there, but it is worth a look yourself, just in case.


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Thanks for the replies guys…I did check the .snapshot folders and all of them except last night (which is empty) come back with a ‘file/folder does not exist’ error even though a file listing says its there…

I’m still working with tech support and they’ve escalated so there is hope. The initial response was so ‘you’re screwed, so sorry’ that I thought they weren’t going to try…

Here’s to hoping.

I don’t think I’m harpo…When I SSH in and check hostname I get 7up. I think that means 7up is my server, right?

Well, I haven’t heard back from support yet, but my site is back and the .snapshots are alive and well, though the folders are named funky (20070111.001924)…

I aint complaining…Lesson learned though, time to automate my own backups.

Props to Dreamhost for making it happen.

Edit - Ack!! And now they are gone again…WTH!!!