Does Dreamhost keep an archive?

Does anyone know if Dreamhost keeps an archive, log, or snapshot of a website hosted on Dreamhost?

A competitive website stole my website design and merely changed the colors. They even have my programmer’s remarks in their code. It’s very upsetting on so many levels. They also claim that they’ve registered it with the copyright office. And now, I’m trying to establish, for legal reasons, that I put my site up first and that I’m the copyright owner. They apparently stole the design immediately after I put it up in the spring of 2008. I’d spent weeks working on it and perfecting it for my business.

I stumbled across their site a few weeks ago and was shocked.

Now they’re using my hardwork to attract customers that could be mine. It’s also confusing for my customers as they may think the site is mine.

I went to the wayback time machine archive and unfortunately, they stopped taking snapshots of my site and the competitor’s site in the fall of 2007. So I’m trying to figure how I can prove that the design is mine.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.


I believe they’d store hourly, daily and monthly snapshots of data as part of their internal backup procedures, but there’s not much chance of any data being retained prior to those timelines.

As author, you are the copyright holder and are well within your rights to file a DMCA complaint to the offending site’s hosting company. This is a very legal process, so be sure to familiarise yourself with the requirements you must satisfy in order for the complaint to be successful. If you believe this is costing you real money, hire a legal rep to file the complaint on your behalf.

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