Does dreamhost have webdesign software here?where?

Does dh have their own web design software for idiots like dreamweaver or ftp?Thanks

No. And FTP is just a tool to upload your web pages to the server.

However, DH does offer One-Click installs of software to run your site, such as a blog (WordPress) and others.

I believe that there are some shareware packages you can find to create and edit web pages as well. Are you using a Mac or PC?


using a pc…i already have dreamweaver but ive forgotten how to use it and i really dont like code…my website is up already with dh but the root folder and all folders have been wiped from my pc and i forgget basically how to edit site and transfer all the stuff back to dweaver…I guess i should just do everything with ftp?
i thought there was real easy dummy stuff available these days…I know angelfire is easy to use but i already have an account here with dh.

Dreamweaver can access DH via FTP. What version do you have perhaps someone here has the same version. I personally have CS3.

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