Does Dreamhost have a form-emailing program?

I just want to have ONE form on ONE page of our new business web page… that’s IT… DW definitely does NOT have a tool for this and I really can’t become a programmer in PHP right now for the sake of ONE FORM. (Ahem. Sorry about all the caps, but I just went through a tutorial about 8,000 times and was never able to get it to work.) Anyway, the exact description of what I’m looking for is on pg. 541 of DW CS 5.5: The Missing Manual, and I’m going to re-type it out again here:

"‘I don’t want to save form submissions in a database or anything fancy like that. I just want to get an email message that includes the information a guest submits. How do I do that?’

Basically, you need a program to collect the data and send it off in an email message. Most web hosting companies provide just such a program. They generally work like this: You build a form, set the form’s Action property to point to the URL of the server’s form-emailing program, and then add one or more hidden fields. The hidden fields contain information that the program uses-- your email address, for example, and the URL of the page the browser should load after it submits the form. Since this form-emailing program varies from server to server, you need to contact your hosting company for details."

Does anyone know if/where/how Dreamhost has this kind of program available???

Yes, and the reference for it is at a simple URL to boot:

Thank you! It really looks like I can figure it out from there… I’m not ready to add it to the page yet, but it won’t be long, especially because my brother keeps bugging me every day about when the business web page will be up. :stuck_out_tongue: Anyway, you’re a wonderful human being and you’ve earned lots of good karma from helping a confused person! :slight_smile: