Does Dreamhost Block IE6

I have a website that unfortunately needs to be accessible to Internet Explorer 6.

When I visit the website using IE6, it is EXTREMELY slow. Page loads take more than a minute.

When I visit the website using IE8, it is fine. Same goes for Firefox, Safari, Opera, etc.

I copied the site to a non-Dreamhost server.

When I visit the website on the non-Dreamhost server using IE6, it is fine.

So what’s up with that?

Followup: Although I can’t explain why the site on Dreamhost is slower to serve pages and the site on the non-Dreamhost server is quick, I’ve concluded that the likeliest reason is the VirtualMachine I am using to test IE6.

Very strange that it worked differently on another server.

Here’s a handy tool for testing multiple versions of IE btw: IE Tester

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