Does Dreamhost allow warez link?

i have see this site, this the biggest site in Thailand

The content about the site will be about anime, movie download.
There will be linked to anime, movie download and such things.
you can’t see content, if you log on with register user you will see content and link to download.

Off course i have a question about this content.
we can do like this content ?, is not illegal under the terms of dreamhost ?
I found this site from whois tools website.
with hosted on dreamhost.

Thanks, Regards

I’ll quote Dreamhost’s latest newsletter;

[quote]What’s That Feature? It’s FREEDOM OF SPEECH!

As a US-based company, we hold the First Amendment of the US Constitution in the highest regard!

If you’re wondering about the type of content we’ll allow on our servers, keep in mind that we use the First Amendment as our yardstick.

Short answer: If it’s legal in America, we’ll host it!

That protection extends to racist whackjobs, alt-currency fanatics, and conspiracy aficionados.

Even if you don’t live in America, we respect your right to say whatever you want because that’s sort of what the Internet is all about!

If you’re a person with a brain and can form sentences (that last part is key) the Internet is the place for you and your ideas, and DreamHost has your BACK!

“Warez sites” (that is, sites that host or knowingly link to pirated content) are illegal under US law, and are not permitted on DreamHost.

That being said, this is a bit of an odd case, since the only content on the site that you linked to here appears to be a redirect to a subdomain that isn’t hosted by DreamHost. I’m not certain of the legal implications here, but I’m pretty sure that puts it out of our jurisdiction — if you have an issue with the content hosted there, you’d need to take it up with their web host (looks like a Thai company).