Does DH take suggestions?

I didn’t want to dive right into the Contact Form because I wasn’t sure if it was appropriate…does anyone know if DH is ever open to any suggestions for features installed and offered in the Control panel?

My older domain is with E-Starr who uses cPanel…I’m perfectly fine with DH’s control panel but the one thing I really miss is Awstats… . Analog’s OK but I prefer the info Awstats gives me as well as the way it’s presented.

Anyhow is there a specific contact to send suggestions to? They have a ‘Business Development’ e-mail address but I wasn’t too sure. Thanks.

  • Carissa

In my experience, DreamHost is very open to suggestions. In fact, they have a special section in their admin panel just for this purpose, where customers can create suggestions and others can vote for or against them.

There are actually two active suggestions regarding AWStats…

Offer analog AND awstats and webalizer.
Completely replace analog with awstats.

DreamHost has shown itself willing to implement suggestions, if there is enough interest.

As for AWStats, you can of-course install it yourself. There are instructions in the wiki for doing just that.

It is not as convenient as having it installed by default or a single click install via the panel, but it is an option.


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