Does DH support work on weekends at all? 2 days!

This was a pretty bad weekend. I asked for support on a redirect and received an answer, the answer didn’t warn me of some potentials and it killed some functionality of my site…took me 2 days to figure out what was wrong. I didn’t know on some .htaccess redirects, the formatting wouldn’t work, so after doing everything suggested by support redirects and subdomains failed. Afterwards I tried contacting support and no body was around for assistance. Thank god I fixed it though, but it took some time and lost traffic to my site…just great on weekends. Here is my contact history. Hope this is NOT a sign of things to come, I am a new customer.

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What exactly is the problem? You haven’t posted enough info to indicate that it’s a problem for support.

Note that support doesn’t really cover things like 3rd party scripts or .htaccess tutorials. If it’s something you fixed yourself, it most likely isn’t a support issue. Sometimes, they may try to help out to be nice, but I wouldn’t expect them to put that in front of support issues.

It is pretty common knowledge that if you mess with .htaccess/redirects/mod_rewrite/etc… that things will break if it’s not perfect–so I don’t see the need for a warning from support on that one.

Even if you mess something up, just remove it. I don’t get the connection between days of downtime and tweaking an .htaccess file.

What was the code that was causing you problems and what is the code that did the trick?

Anyway, here’s a list good ways to get help when you need it, if it’s not a support-related issue:

  1. Search the Wiki. Lots of good info there.

  2. Ask questions here, being sure to include enough info for others to be able to help you.

  3. Google (or any other search engine). Chances are you won’t have a unique problem that hasn’t already been solved by someone else.

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I can assure you that Dreamhost Support does work on weekends! If you want to see evidence of that yourself, just visit the Control Panel–>Support–>Contact Support screen periodically over a weekend and watch the “pending request” support queue change :wink: .

Seiler has good points about what you can reasonably expect from support regarding 3rd party scripts and such; DH support is there to keep the servers running, correct errors, and answer question about the DH configuration. While they will often try to help with other things (if time allows and if they don’t feel their involvement will confuse things even worse), but it is not their function to help you program your site.


Ok. There were multiple issue, here is the deal.

Subdomains were not working at all.

Support was great and helped me with some ideas. I needed to get redirects working so my first attempt was to just pure subdomain and redirect, after reading about .htaccess and taking advice from support on how to code for redirecting it seemed like the logical choice. .htaccess would not work correctly with WP as if you change the permalink structure it overwrote .htaccess.

Support was helping me along until they suggested that I drop .htaccess down. I did and none of my WP links work, tried to reach them again for support nothing. Site was non functional, had to fix it. Which I did. It took 2 days, without support getting back to me.

My problem is if you are going to give support, warn or at least give full advice through, don’t tell someone how to do it and if things go wrong leave them to figure out.

Anyways .htacess wouldn’t accept all my redirects, plus I had to re-write and protect the WP code before I put my redirects in (problem 1 resolution). Redirect URLS needed to be in quotes (problem 2 resolution). Wrong redirect coding caused an Internal Server error and domain to basically be non-existant (problem 3 resolution).

Hence that is why I was contacting support, not for a 3rd part softwar problem or how to program my site, it was because the subdomain was kicking back internal errors and sayingthey didn’t exist. All I needed was someone to say it’s your .htaccess, it’s coded wrong. instead I found out myself.

Yeah, I understand. WordPress and .htaccess as it interacts with PermaLinks can be a real mess at times. I’ve found that, outside of the “stock” one-click install that Dreamhost provides, and the WordPress support forums are the best resource.

Most anything you are likely to encounter is addressed there, there are quite a few “dreamhost savvy” users present, and some real WordPress experts that offer a lot of help.