Does DH support POP-before-SMTP authentication?

And if so, does anyone here use it?

No mention in the docs, and it doesn’t work here, but since it is much needed here, finger’s crossed…


We just support SMTP authentication (LOGIN and PLAIN).

[quote]We just support SMTP authentication


POP-before-SMTP is “SMTP authentication” :wink:

I take that as a no. OK, thanks. Can’t complain, since there can be few like me using prehistoric mail clients ! :wink:

[quote](LOGIN and PLAIN).


I’ve never heard of a type of SMTP authentication known as PLAIN.

To be honest, I’m not sure of the exact difference. They’re both cleartext; the syntax is slightly different though. With PLAIN, a base64 encoded string w/ both the username and password is sent; like:


From a quick google, it looks like with AUTH LOGIN, you send first the username and then the password (also base64 encoded) together, but as two separate lines.

Both are advertised in the SMTP banner of our mail servers.

Belated thanks for the explanation, Will.