Does DH actually respond to support requests?


I’ve submitted a couple of tickets on the DH website but when you click submit, it just seems to go into the abyss. There’s not even an automated acknowledgement, let alone a response from an actual human.

DH apparently did away with their tech support wiki a few years ago which contained info on how to setup your file for Flask. But that’s no longer available and the new (supposedly better) knowledge base has nothing on the subject. In addition, the normal various articles on setting up Python on DH mention nothing about Flask.

Seems like everyone at DH is taking a holiday from giving a damn… I’ve been a loyal customer since 2011 but right now Bluehost is looking a lot better.


Hello Dave,

Thank you for reaching out here. The best way to get in touch with our support team is via the panel here Live Chat is online 5am til 10pm PDT daily and ticket support is 24/7. If you used the contact form on the DH homepage please supply a name or email and we can look into the status.

I was able to find an article in the KB regarding Setting up Passenger WSGI here
and a 3rd party article about setting up flask here

Matt C


I also encounter the same problem. No response for my 2 tickets.

The problem is…I feel like I actually can’t send a support ticket. I believe many people face this problem. You may have a bug in UX.


Hello Tolga,

Thank you for contacting us. If you can supply a support ticket# or domain name on the account we can look into the status. Our Live Chat team is also online from 5am til 10pm PDT daily if you need urgent support here

Matt C


Yes I’m having the same trouble.

I’ve had very good support from these people – I thought just straightening out my 2 factor would be a breeze.

It’s not like I can walk away. I easily have 20 client domains there and heave deadlines.


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