Does creating a shell user "break" ftp

Hi All,

Yesterday I created a shell user to pipe email to for automatic processing. Now my ftp user (via ftp client only - can still kick off web based ftp from the myaccount panel) no longer works. Any thoughts?

Or could it be caused by Cloudflare?
Ok, I turned off CloudFlare and the ftp started working again. Guess I have to turn off CloudFlare whenever I need to update the site.

Keep in mind that Cloudflare makes the main address for your site point to Cloudflare’s servers (which don’t allow FTP), so you cannot use the main address for your web site for FTP.

Check your FTP client settings. You probably have the server address set to the main site address; please add the “ftp” prefix. For example, if you currently have “”, change that to “”. Once you’ve done that, you should be good to go.

Some details might depend on whether you set up your Cloudflare account yourself or whether it was set up through the Dreamhost/Cloudflare partnership.

It could be “” that you need, as Andrew advises,

or it could be “

or even something else, depending on the configuration of your Cloudflare account. Definitely there’s no need to turn Cloudflare off in order to do ftp.