Does Crazy Domain Insane! plan support ASP?

I have this plan, I wrote a website with ASP, after uploading, it does not work well. Does this space support ASP? And how can I setup to make it work?

Well, if you wanted to learn PHP instead of ASP, now is the time. :wink:

I believe you’ll want a Windows-based host, rather than Linux, like Dreamhost.

A quick Google search brings up Apache::ASP, but I’m not sure if that’s something you can install here on your own account, or if they’d have to install it server-wide (probably wouldn’t count on that). I’d guess that it’s still best to run it on Windows, though.

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No, DreamHost does not support ASP.

Your best choices would be to either find a hosting provider that supports ASP, or change your code (to PHP or something else Linux’ish) so you can stay at DreamHost.

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Now how much asp u using in your site. if its just like basic stuff like embeding pages and stuff you could replace with php. if its more complicated then just get a basic package with fasthosts. had them for like 6 years before joining dreamhost and never had a single problem with them.

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As a side-question, I am guessing this applies to JSP as well?

Oh well, not a big problem, since I only ever used PHP. But I would have appreciated the opportunity to learn JSP.

You guess is correct; unfortunately DH shared servers do not support JSP.