Does Control Panel create .htaccess?


I have password-protected a couple of directories via the Control Panel’s Goodies::htaccess/WebDAV facility. But my FTP client doesn’t list any .htaccess files. I’m just curious as to whether some other protection scheme is being used.


It does use .htaccess. In order to view them, you have to use SFTP or SSH.


u dun…
in ftp…
add a filter to ur “ls” command
"ls -La"
most ftp client should support this


Your FTP client’s probably not showing hidden files. See if there’s a Preference to Show All/Hidden Files.



Eh? Why would that be so? How would the dir “know” that the FTP command is arriving via SSH rather than via an FTP client?


Ah, I found the way to add -a to server-side filtering. (I’m using CuteFTP Pro.) Now all is well.

Thanks everyone.


Not sure. That’s what I do to make it work. The list -a works too.