Does catch-all address override all forwarding?

If I have a catch-all address that forwards to a specific inbox on a dreamhosted address, does that override all other forwarding or bouncing on that domain?

It seems that way.

I set up a catch-all for a dreamhosted domain and everything that comes in on that domain that isn’t going to a separate inbox is going into that catch-all, including mail sent to addresses that I specifically set up bounces for.

I guess I don’t really need the catch-all, per se, but I moved the domain over from another host, and there are people out there who might send to one of the really old, old addresses that I used to use on the domain (of course, 99.99% of those people are spammers), and on the off-off-chance that one of them was trying to get ahold of me, I’d like there to be the possibility that I’d see the incoming message at some point.

That was how I did it as I moved domains. I set the catch-all and then added required aliases or bounces as I came across them. They get served first and the catch-all rescues the dregs. Then eventually you can turn off the catch-all if you wish.

There is also the new plus-tagging feature that was recently added which has uses.


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