Does anyone know how to check uptime on your mysql

My mysql server is marmaduke. I am thinking that my bad load time are due to this server. When I put a standard html page on my site, it loads in less than a second, when I go to one of my php sites it says waiting for …


You can’t check the loads on the mysql servers.
I suggest you file a ticket on the issue so that someone in support can fix it (or move you).

It is not that I can’t check the load times on the mysql server, how do I do it. I know how to check the load times on the webserver, but not how to check the mysql server. How do I switch to the mysql server to check the load on that one?

Like I said, you CANNOT do it.
We, as customers/users, have no ssh access to the mysql servers. So what you want to do simply cannot be done.

I thought it was a question, not a statement.


No worries :wink:

You could try to track uptime but I don’t think it will do exactly what you require. It tests loadtime of whatever site and sends a warning if the site is unreachable. Also handles pop, imap, ftp etc in addition to http.

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