Does anyone know how to block a proxy

I was wondering, if you have an idiot that is harassing people in your forums, or sending harassing messages by private messaging to other users, how can you block their proxy on your website so that they cant access the website? Is there a way of doing that?
I don’t have this problem yet, but I want to be ready if it does happen.


Most forums will allow banning of usernames and email addresses. Proxy banning I am not sure of, as I have read it is very difficult as the header information may not be there to tell if it is the same person using the same ip.

My website

You could block the IP address of the proxy server using a .htaccess file, but this would block all visitors who happened to be using that proxy, so it may not be an appropriate solution for you.


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If you’re using phpBB, or most any other forum software, for that matter, you can simply block an IP in the administrator control panel. Of course, if he’s really using a proxy, then he could just switch to using another one.
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