Does anyone know how this company, and was closed down, or

Does anyone know how this company, and was closed down, or all their employees a holiday?
I have 5 days can not be linked to the company. Until someone replies to my question, 5 days ago suddenly no one reply to me. .
And I also just registered a new account, pay by credit card, if the company goes bankrupt, can I refund? How many days can a refund?

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#4129163 No one to solve my problem! 1 day 3 hours Withdraw Message
#4128516 Re: This domain has been disabled. 1 day 21 hours Withdraw Message
#4124958 Re: This domain has been disabled. 5 days 2 hours Withdraw Message

You have been answered repeatedly by our Abuse team. If you want to close your account, and you are in the 97-Day money back guarantee period, just close the account and a refund will be issued.

You will not be able to host previously disabled domain(s) on DreamHost. Posting here won’t change the answers you have been given. The company is fine - I suspect your repeated tickets about the same issue are just being ignored, as you have been given an answer previously.

I do not want to host the disabled domain. I just want transfer a domain to my new accout. No one reply to my question, has been 5 days!
And no one respond to my problems behind. So I have to suspect that no one reply to your company customer information.

I have checked your pending tickets, and they are waiting for our abuse/security staff to handle. Only they can help you with this. This is what happens if you do not control the content that is hosted under your domains.

Thank you for your reply.
But English is not my mother tongue, so I must rely on Google Translate to communicate with you.
You say “waiting for our abuse / security staff to handle”, then I continue to wait it.After all, so who would worry for 5 days no response back.
Even to a letter telling me that you are dealing with is good too.

Not quite understand your second sentence. But to my understanding, I think that is a friend to use, the contents of just a few of his own music and photos, which can also be heard in the office his own music, it is all for their personal use (not public), so I lent him a sub domain name to use, I do not know what will violate the law. And you say content is not illegal, then I’ll agree with you deleted.
I just went to see, things have been resolved, re-activate my domain name, I can delete it, so I have moved it to my new account.
Thank you.