Does anyone have a clue when Medwiki will be updated to 1.19.1?



It’s really bothering me that Dreamhost hasn’t updated the one-click installer to the latest version of MediaWiki in, well, it seems like forever, but it’s been since 1.16.4, so that’s getting into three years now…

I can’t get any of my wikis to update using the MediaWiki do-it-yourself method and that bothers me a lot more… Is there a simple method to update that I am missing? Does DH do something weird because when I try to myself, all I get are a ton of PHP errors and database errors and I have to revert.

I can’t see why it won’t work, I didn’t change the source files and the database is what comes with MediaWiki as well, so why would it crash?

If, on the off chance, someone from DH sees this post, could you please, please, please update the installer?

You have for Wordpress, but you are orphaning this software and that’s a shame…

And I won’t start on Piwik… That’s a whole other story… But I can update that at least.


I too, was frustrated by DH’s reluctance to upgrade all the way to 1.19.1. So I did it myself.

I had the one-click installer remove all files, and I turned off automatic updating (which, at this point, is irrelevant).

I downloaded mediawiki 1.19.1 to my hard drive, unpacked the files, and uploaded them via FTP to my server. I then installed the software using the same database settings (host, username, user password) from before. It works.

Note that I had a very small database to begin with, but that shouldn’t make a different.

Unfortunately, there are several neat extensions that are only available with 1.18 or higher–so it’s a real shame that DH won’t upgrade beyond that. I can understand why they won’t take Moodle past 1.9, but MW1.19.1 is working just fine for me.


Unfortunately, starting from MediaWiki 1.17, for security issues, the setup file needs to be downloaded by the installee’s client, so they can upload it to FTP. The problem is DreamHost cannot handle such a task, and so must stay at MediaWiki 1.16 for that reason.

On MediaWiki’s bugzilla, there is a discussion to make this possible. Pointers have been made to WordPress’s secure FTP upload method.

Sorry, man. Unfortunately, the only viable option is to self install it. I run a wiki host ( so check it out! We do all the rest!