Does anybody use the VPS on


Basically, the title says it all, I’m looking for opinions regarding the VPS hosting that dream host offer. I’m thinking about moving my websites over to dream host. However, I need to be certain that the package will be able to cope with my main website. Unfortunately, dream host will not divulge any information regarding what the limit is of their RAM. I think I’ve just got to remove my website there and then hope that it works. I think I’ll probably pay another months hosting with site ground so I don’t shoot myself in the foot if nothing works and dream host.

So if anyone can help I would appreciate it very much


We are sorry to hear that, if you are looking into a VPS service we do offer 4 different options.

Our VPS range in RAM from 1 GB to 8 GB.

Our smallest VPS is about twice as fast as our shared hosting plan.

I hope this info helps, but if you have any additional questions let us know.


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