Does anybody have a back-up cloud service?

I was dumb to not look at the pinned post about today’s maintenance and then complain about it.
I’m sorry as all heck. But what I’m wondering is when one of these days comes by: maintenance that may have down time. Does anybody have an alternate cloud service. I guess I wonder if there is anything as affordable as DreamHost.
I’ve heard that Amazon’s affordable cloud storage has one or two days a year that they plan maintenance and shut the thing down. What do those people do?

I am looking for an alternative too because have been suffering with time-out (from dreamhost webinterface!) for 3 weeks now! Support tickets made no difference, despite the positive answers…

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rackspace cloud files

are great alternatives!

I apologize for the timeout issues you’ve been seeing lately. We found a bad static route on some of the new hardware causing extra long delays in rebalancing data and serving traffic. The issue was diagnosed and resolved yesterday evening and has been running smoothly since.