Does a "redirect" take priority?


I have a url registered and hosted with DH but have been redirecting to a third party platform that was a temporary turnkey option. I would now like to build a new Joomla site at my original url. Can I still do this and tweak that site while DH still redirects to my current website (which I plan to drop when my DH site is ready to go and I cancel the DH redirect)? Seems like using a subdomain for development would potentially result in broken links once the newer site (subdomain) is transferred or moved to the domain? My goal is to not cancel the turnkey (the other temp host) until the Joomla site is ready to go. I’m hoping the “” will bypass the redirect… Any comments appreciated. Thanks!


I don’t use joomla, so that said there may be a better answer that comes along.

In general, the way I would approach this is to build it in a Fully hosted sub-domain. The key is to always create relative rather than absolute links.

A relative link generally looks something line “./images/test.jpg”

An absolute link generally looks like “

A properly constructed relative link won’t care if you change the domain.


Sorry for my tardy expression of “thank you” for your reply LakeRat. I don’t think I was very clear in my earlier post. Can I build a site under my fully hosted original domain while still redirecting to the old but current but temporary third-party site? Then when the Joomla build is complete under my original DH URL, discontinue the redirect (in essence then going live with the original DH domain which will have the Joomla code I’ve been working on)? Does a DH “redirect” prevent a developer from building a site as long as that work is accessed by going to the “admin” section upon sign-on? Meanwhile visitors are still being redirected because they are not entering via “admin”? Thanks again!!!


what you are wanting to do is not possible with the redirect in place. the best way is to do what LakeRat suggested and create a sub-domain to work on. once you have everything as you want it, it would just be a matter of removing the redirect from the main domain and renaming the sub-domain (i.e renamed to it is v critical that you update any configuration files to reference the the domain name instead of the sub-domain before you make the switch.


to add to Ryo-ohki be sure to always use relative as opposed to absolute references to files and links.


Thank you both so VERY much, I think I’ve finally “got it”. Your replies are very much appreciated!