Docutils python library

Is there anyway to install the docutils python library on my account or do I need to email the support people?

I would like to know how to do this too. I found general directions here:

But ran into trouble because we don’t have permission to modfy /bin/python on our DH server

I then found some instructions specific to DH

That seemed to work okay, but even after adding PYTHONPATH to .bash_config, it’s still not working for Django’s admin/doc URL. The reason i started researching docutils is because would like to have Django documentation available to me through the URL.

My current setup is in my ~/ directory, i have a docutils folder along with my Django and Passenger files (, etc) in addition to my Djago app folder (myApp). I installed Passenger with the Manage Domains DH page, then I installed Django using the directions on the Wiki. From that point, how do I get the Django documentation to work? Am I on the right path with trying to install docutils?

The reason I began installing was because of the Django documentation here: