Doamin transfer

Hello everyone,

My account has just been activated and I was wondering to buy another domain which is regional to my location, specifically I just wondered where should I look to buy it though, I found 123-reg have quite nice prices and they seemed to promise everything that may be needed to change the dns server names.

So, I would relly appreciate if someone could explain to me the procedure of making my domain the primary and the .com as its redirect. .com has been bought with the hosting package here at dreamhost and I was thinking of using 123-reg for the

Would it be possible to make this primary domain with the 123-reg, that would use the hosting from dreamhost and the .com domain redirects its visitors to this domain as well?

I think I am repeating myself or probably going in circles hehe.

Simply add the .com on dreamhost and choose redirect to

For your, choose fully hosted.

And don’t forget to change dns to

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One more question!

How should I go for the webmail for the domain as I want to use it as the primary webmail account as well. I mean if someone send an email to my domain, what would I need to do to get it and also would it be possible that emails sent to my .com domain could be redirected to my corresponding email account?

for example if someone mistakenly send an email to or and so on, I want this email to be forwarded to my or and so on, so that I could manage them.

Thanks in advance