Do you offer private domain registrations?

Not crazy about having my street address out there for the whole world to see. Another company I use offers “private registrations.” Do you offer anything similar?

But please, please, please do use valid info, even if it’s not your home address. It doesn’t have to match your account info, but if possible, use a voice mail, throwaway email account, PO box or work address. The kbase article is a little “wink wink, nudge nudge”, but we really do expect people to provide information which is at least valid here, as per ICANN regulations, and we WILL make you enter valid information if we receive a complaint from the public about information which is not valid.

If you really don’t have an address you don’t mind making public, I would suggest using a service like “Domains by Proxy” or a similar service rather than us.

I do hope that at some point we can start providing special tagged email addresses which then forward on (after some extra-stringent spam filtering).