Do you have a demo for control panel?

Does dreamhost have a demo account for their web frontend? I would like to try out and see how fast it could be.

Or anyone here could post some of their sites? preferably ones that are heavily using mysql+php cms’ … for reasons of checking how responsive it is…

Not really a demo, but you can create a DreamHost account without signing-up for a hosting plan (you can always add a plan to your account later). This will allow you to log into the admin panel, but you won’t be able to do much without a plan or domains under the account.

Try some of the previous winners of the DreamHost site of the month contest. These will give you a good cross section of sites on different servers.


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It’s pretty strange if you’ve used cpanel you think that you’ve actually got control of things. Yeah, I’ve got 50 icons, but in reality only three are useful.

The dreamhost panel has about 30 options (hidden in submenus) and “significant” changes can take 5-15 minutes to be executed but you REALLY can control (and therefore screw yourself over) with the panel.

And even cooler is that with shell access you can REALLY change things if you want.

Performance is variable, but it’s not often it doesn’t work enough to do the work that has to be done.