Do you got support for PHP5.2.1 and ZIP_LIB


Hello, i want to change my current host which doesnt support
PHP5.2.1 and ZIP_LIB.dll which limits my site script greatly. In fact I can’t make it run without it… so Do you have it installed?


Well, my server is running 5.2.1 (and 4.4.8). Your server may run a slightly different rev, but I believe it will definitely be in the 5.2.x series.

As for lib_zip, I don’t think it’s installed by default, but you can always install your own version of php with custom libraries.

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This and other features can be checked on by looking at the phpinfo page for Dreamhost. From the looks of things, the PHP version is 5.2.3 and zlib is installed.

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I don’t think if it is non windows environment the zip_lib.dll can be installed. Hm, i have a hard time finding such host ;(


You are right. zip_lib.dll is for windows environment. DH runs Unix. In order to use ZIP functions you must compile PHP with zip support by using the --with-zip[=DIR] configure option, where [DIR] is the prefix of the » ZZIPlib library install.

I’m not sure whether DH supports it by default. If not, you will have to install your own PHP.

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I am with dreamhost now. I’ll try to do it, if it doesn’t work arghh i got no other option but to pay for expensive windouz host.

THNX for helping me out guys


Good luck. If you have any trouble, post your problem on the forums and there will be lots of php experts who will be able to provide you with valuable insights!

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