Do we pay for Cached, Actual or Total Memory?



Last week DH had to throttle my traffic due to heavy usage. I decided to try the free one-week trial VPS, but I’m confused as to which memory we pay for. Reading these forums, it seems like the red line but Dreamhostcare on Twitter said VPS plans are based on total memory. My actual memory usage is usually under 100mb but my cached memory is nearly 2 gb. I was paying $9 a month on shared hosting and didn’t mind upgrading to $15 a month on the VPS, but if they go by total memory, I would have to pay $100 a month.

Is this just because the memory allocation was set to 2300mb? is that why the cached memory is so high? If so, how do I resize it down to 300mb? It says FAILED when I try since it’s taking into account the total memory usage instead of just actual (though confusingly, it is labeled as “actual” in that error message.)

Do I have to reboot the server in order to reset the size? or should I just go back to shared hosting?

I think the heavy usage was caused by bad bots, which are now blocked in htaccess. However, my normal rate of traffic (I’ve been at 20k pageviews a day for the past 12 months) has decreased more than 50% due to the throttling and it still hasn’t recovered even after the upgrade to the VPS. I’m just wondering if something else is going on, as I am quite worried about how low my adsense revenue is this week. Losing more than half of my income in one week does not make me happy.

So now I’m confused about what exactly happened to my site and how to fix it. I am making a lot less money and will have to pay a lot more for the VPS if cached memory is included, which means I’ll be broke in no time. I was quite happy on shared hosting for the past 4 years and I have never had any problems with heavy usage (my site is mostly static html).

Any advice?

Thanks everyone,

Confused & Frustrated


I believe the answer is where you set the memory, or where it gets set when they send you the increased mem email.

you might want to check out ottodv’s PS manager.


Hello koalaness,

I apologize for any frustration. Our support team is investigating your ticket and will update you shortly. They are still monitoring your server for a tad and will email you all the details and some suggestions. We reconfigured Apache, which you should see the cache lowering already. I want to thank you for your patience it is appreciated. If you have any other questions please do not hesitate to reply back to the email we send you and our support team will get back to you ASAP.

Matt C


[quote=“koalaness, post:1, topic:59912”]I was quite happy on shared hosting for the past 4 years and I have never had any problems with heavy usage (my site is mostly static html).

Any advice?[/quote]

Firstly, transfer back to Shared. Right now. Immediately. Wait for no one.

Secondly, review your .htaccess rules and blocking methods.


I did receive an email about Apache being reconfigured, and the cached memory has decreased a lot. The total memory is still creeping above 100mb though, so wouldn’t that be too high for shared hosting?

I’m getting rid of databases and changing almost everything to html. I had two WP installations and two photo galleries, but I’m deleting everything but one WP because I’m sick of dealing with database errors. I don’t have time for this especially now that my pageviews and revenue are down by 80% (and still decreasing!) At this point, I almost feel like giving up completely.

Thanks for the help and advice. I really appreciate it. It’s just very frustrating to not know how to fix things and get the site back to the way it was. Everything was perfect for so long and then one day everything was ruined.