Do we need TLS 1.2?

I’m new to secure hosting so I’m not sure what we’re missing out on by not having TLS 1.1 or 1.2. It came to my attention when I ran the server test on ssllabs and it dinged me in Protocol Support and said “This site supports only older protocol versions, but not the most recent and more secure TLS 1.2.” TLS 1.2 was ratified in 2008 according to Wikipedia.

Bump. I’d like to see this. Google is starting to place ranking preference on HTTPS secured sites. I’m sure supporting current encryption protocols will also be taken into consideration at some point.

I think that the older versions are still used because that is what is supported on the Debian installations at DH. DH runs “Lenny” and “Squeeze”.

I think that “Lenny” is pre v1.0, and “Squeeze” might be “v1.0”. Someone will have to verify that.

TLS 1.2 became available when we upgraded our servers to Ubuntu. Unless you’re on an older private server that hasn’t been upgraded yet, your HTTPS sites should all support TLS 1.2 now.

How do we find out if our VPS supports TLS 1.2

My IOS apps connect to my VPS with https to download data updates. With the release of IOS 9, Apple is required 1.2 and I am getting dinged for not supporting it.