Do u want 2 have a youtube clone?and works on DH


I found a great new script (a youtube clone ) called “Agriya Rayzz”, it is amazing because it is fast, nice looking and IT DOESN’T NEED ANY MODULES TO WORK !!

I didn’t believe it at the 1st time so I sent an email to them for more informations, and they said :

“Yes, we have made special tools, so it will work on
all of the linux servers, pls get back to me if you
have any more questions”

So Please Please Let’s Work Together and try to get it in anyway possible like (every one of us pay some money to get 400 $ and buy it together and every one get a copy), (or someone can get it for us free) or in anyway !!

I looked in everywhere “Torrent, eMule, Google, Yahoo, Uploading sites” but i found nothing !


their site is:

I’m waiting for your openions


No thanks, don’t fancy paying $400 for something thats essentially a cms with flash.

Anyone know of anything opensource that does this?

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Ah, I see…you have not actually seen this script at all, but because the developer says it will work on DH you are convinced. That’s interesting.

So, you are actually publicly advocating we conspire to rip-off the developer by obtaining a single copy of his work and than passing it around? :open_mouth:

I hope you never take a liking to anything I develop as a commercial product! :frowning: .


Drupal has a video module, which accomplishes much of this, and the display and play functions are available as component for Joomla and plug-ins for WordPress (it’s the “upload and convert your video” part that most lack).



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The “DEMO” doesn’t show us anything other than what it looks like. There’s no actual PROOF that it functions, or even could function, on DreamHost.

Still, interesting if they’re using flash or something else to do the uploading - hopefully bypassing the need to use PHP (for uploading the files). But I guess we’ll never know, cause I don’t know of anyone in their right mind who’d spend $400 for something that might work.

So I think you are not OK with this and you don’t agree ?!

Anyway I tryed to help you all and to help my self !!

You wanted to help,through a elegal way? You wanted to buy the script and publish it! Shame. Really shame. If you’d know how hard developers have to work to get a script/program. Coding,bug fixing etc etc. All about critical and logical jobs. You want to give away everything of their work. That never a good idea. Rather try getting a open source script from like websites. Then publish it. It’ll be better because open source developer wants it.

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