Do not see domain name in 'install to' field


I just moved over from a different hosting provider yesterday and wanted to try the One-click for installing another instance of WordPress. In the ‘install to’ field, I do not see my domain name.

I have checked, and my domain is listed as being fully hosted (which I think is a requirement for this).

Is there a different setting I have to select in the Manage Domains section for my domain to populate in the ‘install to’ field?

Thank you,

Any domain (or sub-domain) listed as “fully hosted” on the Manage Domains page of the panel should be populated into that dropdown. If it’s not contact dreamhost support, they will need to fix.

Thank you for the fast reply - I will do that. I forgot to mention that it is populated with a bunch of dashes: ‘-------------’

I just took a peek at your account, and it looks like you signed up for a DreamPress account.

DreamPress always has WordPress installed on it. You can’t install WordPress to your domain because it’s already there!

Thank you - dumb question, I am used to creating multiple instances of WordPress blogs under my domain. for example mydomain/photography, mydomain/education, etc. each as their own instance of WordPress. I am normally used to setting all of that up on my own, but had never tried any kind of “one-click” install. Can I use this kind of model with the type of account I set up?

On DreamPress, no. We don’t support multiple blogs on one instance of DreamPress at this time. (Yes, that includes Multisite, which would normally be my suggestion for this.)

But… I would recommend you actually use categories for this instead.

Unless these all really need to be totally separate sites (different admins, different plugins, different themes), you’ll save yourself a lot of heartache by using categories instead :slight_smile: You can even tweak WP so you don’t have if you wanted. The added bonus is also that you only have one place to login and make your updates and edits and everything else.

Works pretty darn well :slight_smile:

That makes sense - I see that I have been making life too hard with how I used to manage the blogs.

Thanks everybody for your input.