Do not join dreamhost


Dreamhost is the crap of the crap. I’ve closed my account and moved to a smaller and cheap hosting company that has been in business since 1998. It’s $11/month, month-to-month billing with 1000gb bw and 125 gb storage. More than I’ll ever need. For $15/month I can get 3500gb/300gb. Of course, Dreamhost offers more but if you get even close to using that they’ll just ban you, plus you have to pay for the whole year. Thankfully I was in the refund period.

Anyway, my small discussion board now runs smooch like butter. Before it took forever to bring up an all text page. Now it’s where it should be.

One more thing: Dreamhost really does suck.

bye bye suckers.


I believe these photos of the staff are current.


Cool! Bye!



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It does make one wonder…

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This post is the crap of the crap. Please really bye bye and don’t come back.

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:smiley: I hope you were on all my servers. Now I can run even faster!

Who cares if you have to pay for the whole year? It’s cheaper :smiley:


I, too, wondered if it were the same poster as the other one. Thanks for the link…

Too funny ~!

I have been with dreamhost since September 2003…and my opinion…



I do agree. Greamhost does not work. They took money for one year upfront and then betray you.


We offer full refunds for any reason for the first 97 days. What is your domain name? I can take a look at your account and authorize a full refund now if you have a good case even if it is past 97 days.


I have a lot of domains with you:

… and many more.

Everything is DOWN, no www service at all!

I lost 6000 resla (4500 dollars) MONTHLY contract today because I was unabvle to show my access control + affiliate management + add-on services system specifically developed to be compatible wiyh Ipag billing. Bard of directors of Ipag billing met today for my presentation, which of course ended in an absolute disaster because I was unable to show them anything at all.

Months of hard work and carefull planing for thid BIG DAY today, a glorious start of a brand new company of mine that was here for the taking, contract papers already drafted - and everything went to hell just because Dreamhost support kept ignoring my service tickets fo the WHOLE DAY!


Support has been very responsive to you in general. Once you really started spazzing out though, no one wanted to help you anymore. Calm is always best. You were just moved to a PS and DNS changed for all of your domains.

I have assigned someone to move you to a new file server to make sure that is not the issue. If that does not fix it then we will need to troubleshoot the actual code that is running your website.


Damn, lost a $4500/month contract because your months of hard work and careful planning failed to include contingency plans. Please note sarcasm.

I wouldn’t sign a contract with someone for $4500 a month if they had no disaster recovery in place. Nothing I host here is mission critical. Next time around, look into ways to failover should your primary hosting go down, burn, blow up, or drown.



Yes, I am a comple idiot. I know that and I paid for it. I trusted Dreamhost. What a stupidity!


Now, if somethings is the EXACT OPPOSITE of any truth, then this: Support has been very responsive to you in general.

Support has NOT been “very responsive” to me in general nor in particular My service tickers go unanswered for 15 hours 44 mins by now and all my sites are still dead.

The only thing that provoked ANY response at all came only when I, after a whole day of agony, started posting to the forum.

If I were informed that the transition will take X days, I would ask that the transition is delayed and would prepare backupo server to be on-line for the time of the transition and/or as a permanent backup. A simple shared account would do.

I commited enormous error trusting Dreamhost, I grew complacent, taking the web service for granted - and it seems this is NOT possible.

The main problem of Dreamhost seems to be complete lack of communication. Clients have no comm channel other than the service tickets. So when a client posts service tickets and even after many many hours gets no response at all, gets desperate, of course.

I don’t understand why the support team doesn’t simply send a message like “we are working, it’ll take xxx hours”.

What gives the worst impression is exactly the fact that Dreamhost support team ignored (and still ignores) my service tickets.

EVEN AFTER 16 HOURS I received NO response to my servivce tickets at all! The only communication media seems to be this forum.
This obviously is bad for everyone.

I was even prepared to make an international call today, spend any money on the phone (and calling abroad frim here is VERY espensive), but I ound no phone number in Dreamhost site.

I am certainly not a troublemaker, whistle blower, “spazzing” or whatever else. If I could get a single one-line email saying that XXX is happening and it will take YYY hours to resolve, I wouldn’t spend the last many hours just typing away to the forum trying to raise someone’s attention.

At least the forum really works as a means of communication.


You are still within the 97 days. If you need phone support you should close your account now and move on before you get more frustrated.

At $4500/month you would be best suited by getting a dedicated server and hiring a full time administrator/programmer to do your bidding.