Do I need to switch to VPS?


Hi all, I am very new here and I have a few questions to ask for your help.
I have a site hosting on share host but currently my site get about 4K visitors a day (over 10K pageviews) and I am sure it’s still growing.

The problems are, my site getting more and more 404 or 500 error everyday,like 20 times a day, and the site loads slow.

It’s a wordpress site. I have already installed w3-total-cache plugin and the site using maxcdn as well.

Now I just wondering if I need to switch to VPS and what level should I switch to? If it’s ok, I want to try 300MB one.

Any help would be greatly appreciate.

Thank you!


What are the errors about? Is the bottleneck at the web server or database server?

It will be more stable to switch to VPS provided enough CPU and Memory resources are allocated for your site.