Do I need to create a new Database Hostname?

I am installing Joomla to use on several new sites. On each site I install it on, the wizard asks if I want to use an existing hostname or create a new hostname. Is there a problem using the same hostname for all my databases? What is a hostname when it comes to a database?

Also, when I was trying to move a Joomla website from one domain name to another, I used the old site’s database and it looks like when I did this, it recreated the database thus erasing all the old data that was there. I was able to revert to a saved version of the database so I really didn’t lose anything and it ended up being a nifty, although scary way to move the site over. What is a good way to move a Joomla site from one domain name to another.

Thanks for the help!

Same hostname is fine. My pattern is, and all databases on that domain use that hostname. They’re all aliases to the same server, anyhow.

If you already have your Joomla database here, there’s no need to move it. Just create a new hostname for it on the new domain and refer to it that way. It’ll all the same machine (see above). If you really want to move it, as in to another machine, you’d have to do a mysqldump from the source and import it into the new database.


Thanks for the response. So do I need a new hostname for each domain? I am hosting several domains for friends. Should the Joomla database used for www.debbi’ use one hostname and the database used for www.maude’ use another host name? Right now I have a three Joomla databases for different domains using mysql.captenaj’ hostname. Am I going to run into trouble?

What’s the advantage of using different hostnames?

Thanks again!

You don’t have to use different hostnames. They all point to the same place anyhow. It’s just a nice touch to have your database look like it’s in the same domain as your website.

It’s fine for debbi, maude, and captenaj to all point to captenaj. You can just add database hostnames and and not have to change a thing. To finish the process, you can change your config files to use the new hostnames, and the transition will be seamless. It’s like having three phone numbers that ring the same phone. It doesn’t matter which phone number you’re using. The same person answers regardless.


-Am I going to run into trouble?


-What’s the advantage of using different hostnames?

Nothing. As Scott suggests, they are simply aliases that all point to the same spot.

“If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” :wink:

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Thanks for the help. I’ll sleep better tonight.