Do I need to add a new user for every new domain I manage?

Hello, I have a VPS basic hosting plan and are very new to web development.

Everything was smooth at first, I bought my first domain the same time as my hosting plan and shortly after submitting the order my first domain was being hosted on my VPS under a SFTP user that was named using a combination of my name and random numbers. I didn’t think much of this because it was all automatically done for me.

However, now when I bought and added a second domain to my account, it did not automatically add hosting to the new domain and when I tried to fully host the domain on my panel everything made sense on the menu apart from the fact that it recommended I “add a new user” and put it on a shared server instead of my VPS when hosting the second domain but I don’t understand why I need to add a new user and not host it on my VPS.

{CONTEXT}: The first and second domains are personal blogs that only I (The Account Owner) will be managing. In the future I am considering maybe web developing for others or reselling websites. I’m assuming only then would the “user” feature make sense for me to use.

ALSO: I’m very confused on the user types, the one that was automatically made for me on the first domain is SFTP type user, but when adding a new user there is also options to create a FTP and shell type users. What does all this mean???

Can I just continue with the 1 user that was made for me when I signed up and host them both on the VPS machine? If so, do I keep it a SFTP type user or should I change the user type to something else.


No, you shouldn’t have to add a new user for every domain. Similarly, a VPS Basic host should be able to host many sites simultaneously.

The “Create New User (Recommended)” control is a popup menu, which should allow you to select an existing user for hosting a domain.

Thanks for the info. Why is it recommended and what user type should I be using? SFTP, FTP, or shell?

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DH recommend that each domain have a separate user for security:

When multiple domains are hosted under a single user, then when one domain is hacked, the other domains are trivially to hack too. Compartmentalizing each domain in a separate user protects against this domino effect. As you note, this compartmentalizing is also useful for organizing company/group access, etc.

Of course, it is inconvenient to put every single website under a new user, so often a balance is struck.

SFTP, FTP, or shell?

FTP is insecure, so don’t use it. Use SFTP unless you want/need command-line access to the shell with SSH. More details at:

Thanks so much this cleared it up!

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It cleared my concerns very clearly. Thanks for logical answer

exactly it clear all the things

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