Do I need multiple users for multiple domains


I’m still learning about managing my own domains. I think I have caused myself some extra headache work. I made a different unique user name for each of my domains for FTP purpose.

Now I am really messing up my blogs I have created to the point I have had to delete the databases and recreate from scratch.

QUESTION: Can I manage all domains with only one user name?

If so, Currently, I have 14 user names. Would I give the ONE primary USER that I am going to keep access to FTP and domain provledges from the domain panel and the MySQUL panel.

Once that is all done, then delete the other users?

Any advice that works would be very helpful

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I create a user for each domain, but that’s how I stay organized. It does keep them isolated should I need to turn a domain over to someone else to administer. You can go with a single user, but that one user will have the “keys to the kingdom,” which can be good or bad, security-wise.

The bad news is that I don’t think you can easily “transfer” a hosted domain to another user. If it’s one-click installs, then definitely not, as those installs will be moved and no longer tracked by the one-click system.

I’d still vote for one user per domain, just to help isolate problems.



QUESTION: Can I manage all domains with only one user name?

yes you can

i only have one username for 40 my domains, all is live

9000+ online usually in all my sites