Do I need domain forwarding or something else?

Noob question for you all…

I have a domain hosted on a dedicated server with a local ISP. Call it

I also have a sub-domain of that same domain but it is hosted at dreamhost, call it

I have an instance of wordpress running on at Dreamhost.

I would now like anyone who has bookmarked or who googles up to be directed to the wordpress instance on because this is my shiny new identity.

I want the URL in the visitor’s browser to be unchanged (ie, it should show as

I’ve looked at the mirroring option, but while it redirects without difficulty, the user’s browser no longer shows, but

What do I need to do?

Many thanks in advance

You can’t handle this from this end, as your users are viewing a site hosted at your ISP. This is an issue you’ll have to configure at the other end, and it may have to involve something like cloaking where your put your site in a frame, with that frame’s content being, but this is disadvantageous because links will show its true source, and the address bar will always show because that’s the address of the frame; not its content, hence bookmarks will only go to the main page.


Thank you for the prompt reply.

If I were to host at dreamhost, would it then be possible to do what I want?


Easily. You’d create a Mirror which will fully respond as the new name, while tapping into the old name.