Do I need a VPS?

I’m on Dreamhost since June 2003 (yes, ten years!) and I’m happy with the service and speed of my sites.

Since two years ago I run a site which is growing day by day and some months gets up to 400k page view (even if a bit are from spam bots they still hit the server). I don’t see slowdowns, but I started to ask myself if I need a VPS, both for the cpu my site uses and to be able to use xcache and other interesting things.

Is there a way to know how much memory I use right now to understand how much I would need (up to 600mb is affordable to me right now) and if the expense is in some way justified by current site resource usage?

Sorry for bad english.

It’s unfortunate the moderators on this forum respond as quickly as they do in the support area!!

This is a really good question and one which I would like an answer to as well.

Any comment from Dreamhost?

I apologize for the delayed response here!

There really is no simple equation to figure out how much memory you’re using when you’re on a shared server. A very basic way to determine that is 15,000 total hits in a day can = 300 MB. However that is very basic and not 100% accurate; Web scripts are so dynamic, we cannot determine if you need to upgrade by total traffic alone.

What you can do is contact our support team ( with the domain you’re inquiring about. We can check the logs on your server to help determine if you need a VPS, but we cannot determine the exact RAM usage for your site.

We also offer a one-week free trial for the VPS, so you’re welcome to try it out with your site and see how it fits you. :slight_smile: