Do i need a private server?

Im just at the beginning of putting together a project, past of this will be server written in java, if possible i would like to be able to host that server using my dreamhost account.

For the next few months at least it will be seeing very little traffic (in the order of KB a day) and will be consuming very little CPU time. Is it at all possible to host this using a standard dreamhost account?


If that “server written in java” is a persistent process, you’ll need to do it on a private server. If it’s not persistent, then you can certainly set up on a shared server and see how that goes, then migrate to a private server if necessary.

Yep, it does need to be persistent, shame. Thanks…[hr]
Actually, come to think of it, it depends what you mean by persistent, if you mean that it would be restarted automatically in the case of a crash (app or server) then no.

What im getting at is, im perfectly happy to have to start the program manually and restart it if it crashes. Would it be possible in this case?

Im still getting to grips with both linux and networking in general so forgive me if this seems simplistic…

Edit 2:

Well, i just had a little poke around from what i can tell, if i were to upload the executable to my server, then simply run it from SSH the program would run until completion, is this correct? This would be perfectly adequate whilst we are still testing.