Do I have to transfer my domain to dreamhost?

Hi All,

  1. I was trying to signup for free trial.Then I saw I need to transfer domain to dreamhost.Don’t we have option to keep existing registrar.
    2.Also Once I decide to host 20 of my websites in my account do I need to transfer all of them to dreamhost?That will be ridiculous.
    3.Do dreamhost accept paypal?

I need a quick reply

  1. No - you may keep existing registrar
  2. As above
  3. Almost certainly yes but from memory you won’t be able to get a refund if you change your mind within the alloted period.


You can keep the domain with your current registrar and only transfer the hosting to DH.

Thanks for reply.
Help me.When I try to signup only option I get

  1. register a domain
    2.Transfer a domain to us
How I can skip transfer of domain.I just want to change nameserver at my registrar and use dreamhost hosting.

Can’t you register a free domain?

Free domains are not free they need to be renewed next year.

Free domain is free as long as you keep your hosting plan.

When you renew your hosting plan, you will receive credits to renew your domains for free. If your plan comes with one free domain, you will receive one credit every time when you renew your plan. If you use promo code to have 3 more free domains, you will receive three more credits. This is how free lifetime domain works here.

However, if you register an additional domain, you will have to renew it every year.

And free domain is always free :stuck_out_tongue:

Free domains are actually a $9.95 credit to your account each year for as long as you’re paying for hosting.

More or less. It’s not exactly a credit, though, in that you can’t apply it against your hosting bill if you don’t have any domains registered… it’s more like we just let you renew one domain for free every year.

Finally decided to signup with dreamhost with free trail option. It is asking for payment info and only info it has is creditcard/debit card and not PAYPAL.How to signup using Paypal?Any help will be appreciated

PayPal seems to be hit and miss when it shows up for payment. In the past, they had a money back guarantee that could only be applied to credit card purchases. PayPal may lack the mechanism for them to charge you down the road after you set up your account.

So does it mean If I provide credit card info while signing and change it paypal,after I am logged in?

Only Sales can give you a good answer on this one. In my case, I use a credit card for auto pay, but I can switch to PayPal to pay manually.

You can use Pay Pal for some things after you have signed up with a credit card, and had your account approved (depending upon what service you are wanting to make payment for). At present, due to the “real time” nature of Domain Registrations and transfers payments, and Pay Pal’s inconsistent crediting of payments in a timely manner, Pay Pal is NOT accepted any longer for domain registrations/transfers even for existing/approved accounts.

There is a workaround for this once your main account is approved, and that is to make a “general payment” to the account using Pay Pal which will create a credit balance in the account. Then, registrations and transfers can be “drawn down” against that balance ( so you will have, in effect, used Pay Pal to pay for them - you just can’t enter Pal Pal as a payment method when ordering them).

Like catchnames, I do wish to keep the domain with my current registrar and only transfer the hosting to DH. As mentioned above that it is possible but when come to sigining up, there is no 3rd option apart from “register a domain” or “transfer a domain to us”. Is there anyway that this can be resolved? Please help! Many thanks.

As andrewf said, that credit can only be applied to a domain registration. So I suggest that you go with the first option and register a new domain. After all, it’s “free.” I have one domain that’s pretty anonymous where I can host images and data files without it being on a domain I use for another organization.

Hi sdayman, thanks for your reply. I have to use the existing one because I’m currently using its subdomain for my forum and I wish to use wordpress to create the homepage for that forum. As I’m not that good on internet stuff, is there any alternative that i can work on to achieve this? Thanks alot!

You can definitely use your existing one. What I’m saying is that you get a free one that you don’t have to use. It’s like buying a bottle of shampoo and getting a free sample of something else that you’re just going to throw away.

Once you sign up, you’ll have the free domain registered in your name that you don’t have to use. Just sign up, and once you’re signed up, set up your sites with your currently registered domain. You’ll just need tell your currently registered domain to use the DreamHost name servers.

Hi Sdayman, got you and thank you so much.