Do I have to register a domain in order to install Wordpress? (And other questions)

I’m very ill-versed in web design. I signed up for Dreamhost and checked the box to worry about registering/transferring a domain later, because I wanted to work on the website before I worried about it. I’m having some trouble accessing anything, though.

On the “Manage Domains” screen, is that exclusively for inputting a domain you’ve already registered, or is it for choosing a directory name for your project (Kind of like in the vein of old Angelfire or Geocities websites.)? I made something up on the spot because I thought that’s what it was for, so that might be why it isn’t online and I can’t get access to the admin stuff.

On that note, if I’m not mistaken I should have one free domain, how do I go set that up for use or check to make sure I have that option? If it comes down to it I’ve already purchased a domain elsewhere that I can use.

Hello and welcome to DreamHost!

The Manage Domains section is for any domains you’ve registered. If you have registered a domain elsewhere you will have to point it to use our name servers ( We have free sub-domains available for your use under ( You can use this sub-domain to install WordPress and test with.

To check to see if you have a free domain available you can click on Manage Account and scroll down to Domains Registered. If you would like to register it you can do so from here (

Also you may find the following article useful in explaining our control panel but if you have any further questions let me know!


Fabian M.

Thank you, Fabian, that solved everything!