All my sites show the same for CPU stats for every day (and I’ve enabled CPU stats on all of them:

Process CPU seconds user machine count average

Total: 0.0000 100.000% 0.000% 0
Average per day: 0.0000 1 days
CPU percentage assumes 24000 cpu seconds per day total.

0 CPU seconds. Even on a domain that serves 700MB of content a day (ok, to be honest that’s mostly static files, but still).

Is this common or the CPU tracking is wonky? Should I see some small fraction of a second even, and not 0?

Or maybe the explanation is obvious: I have the fastest sites in the world!

Coming soon: negative CPU seconds!

Static files aren’t counted against CPU stats at all.

To clarify: the sites serves PHP files and runs MySQL queries too. It’s just that I wanted to explain most of the traffic comes from static files.

Still, it’s really weird I’ve not seen one day with at least 0.0001 CPU seconds. Just straight zeroes. So is that normal?

Something interesting happened yesterday, someone was apparently updating the server, rebooted, and boom, CPU stats with more than 0 seconds totals started immediately showing on the next cycle :wink:

Me = Happy