Do I get a free dedicated IP


Is there any promo running wherein I can get a dedicated IP. I am planning for a one year subscription.


DH1IP1 gives you $50 discount, 1 extra lifetime domain, and 1 Unique IP.

Is this what you are looking for?

There are more codes on my site. Take a look

$50 off and 3 free domains with code: [color=#CC0000]DH3[/color] Sign Up NOW or More Codes Here

So i get a year’s subscription at $69.40 a dedicated IP. I am confused with static and dedicated terminology. Are they both the same. And what does the xtra domain means. Are they addon domains ?. Just to clear my confusion.

A dedicated IP won’t resolve to any other domain, which gives you the ability to use it for things like setting up https etc.

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All DH hosting plan comes with a free lifetime domain. The domain is free as long as you keep your hosting plan. How it works is that you will get a credit when you have your hosting plan. You use the credit to register one domain name for free for a year. When you renew your hosting plan next year, you will get another credit. Then you can use the credit to renew your domain name. That is how you get your lifetime domain.

Extra domain name means you will have the original free lifetime domain plus one more free lifetime domain.

I’m confused by your static and dedicated terminology as well. Maybe you can tell us why you need a IP address. As sXi mentioned, you will get a unique IP address by using the promo code. Usually the unique IP address is used for https.

$50 off and 3 free domains with code: [color=#CC0000]DH3[/color] Sign Up NOW or More Codes Here

Thanks for the clarification. I do understand that dedicated IP is for advanced functions like ssl and enhanced ftp. I will be hosting a site that will stream the Gospel from a CDN mostly rackspacecloud (former mosso). I want this site a dedicated IP , I know its not a big deal but I want it.