Do hosting donations still work?


I remember the old control panel menu, which is described in the DreamHost wiki here.

Of course, that is (mostly) changed, but I was still able to access the “donations” section here:

My question is, since that is no longer directly linked to the control panel, does that still work? Can someone still donate via a link I create there, and if so, will it still go to my hosting fees?

On a related note, is there a plan to add these back to the menu at some time? Or are they there and I’ve just missed it? I noticed that DreamHost charities are still up and running.


Hi! Yes, the link still works, and you can still accept donations. There’s no plan to add the Donations tab back to the menu at this time. We recently cleaned up our panel to improve user experience and navigation, so some tabs in the menu are hidden; However the URLs still work and can still be accessed by direct links, but no longer show up in the navigation.


Thanks! Much appreciated!


to be honest… if you want to accept donations, get your own paypal donations button.

There is an aspect of dreamhost donations that dreamhost doesn’t seem to handle fairly. There are a couple of older threads in this forum, if anyone’s really interested I’ll go find them. The gist is this tho: If you receive a donation and the donor later contests the charge when it shows up on their statement, thus creating a chargeback. Dreamhost seems to treat the chargeback as fraud committed by the customer who received the donation and either suspends the account immediately and/or demands that you pay a $50.00 fee.


Yikes! Good advice.