Do Dreamhost Suggestions really get implemented?


I was just chatting with DH support about the link they provide on their support page for personalised RSS feeds of based on the servers that you actually use. I thought to myself,

wow, that’s exactly what I need… I never go to because 99% of the time, none of the posts are related to me and there is no simple way of finding out which machines are affected by each post without reading the whole post or searching for my specific machines. it would be so cool to get updates of issues that only affect my machines.[/quote]
DH support told me to put in a suggestion because, for some reason which was not explained, the filtering which made personalised RSS possible was no longer available.

So I looked at the Suggestions area of the panel, a place where I never go, and found that, lo and behold, there are already suggestions to do that from 2-3 years ago, and even better suggestions such as detailed realtime statistics for each server we use, automated email messages for any server faults, etc.

What was interesting is, browsing the suggestions that have already been implemented, there are many that would be very useful but despite being marked as implemented, I could not find these supposedly implemented features. For example:
[]graphing resource usage
]full statistics for MySQL

So, any comments? Does DH really implement suggestions? Is this Suggestions feature a waste of time?


Hmm, the silence is telling…