I’m looking to change DNS A record to point to new hosting. I want to continue to host my email through DreamHost. If I change just the IP in my DNS records, this won’t effect our current email configuration correct?

That sounds correct, as long as the MX records are kept pointing at DreamHost mail servers you should be fine. Make sure the MX records are actually pointing at DreamHost mail servers.
May I ask what made you decide to move your sites to a different hosting?

Nothing personal, I just moved to a hosting company that a. Doesn’t charge for phone support and b. Isn’t as restrictive in their cPanel.

Perhaps it’s just a learning curve on my end, but I’m a proffessional web developer and not being able to talk to live support is an issue.


thanks for sharing, I wouldn’t consider a business choice personal anyway :slight_smile: This feedback helps.